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With Car Ttile Loans in San Diego – You get cash in 1 hour and return home with your car.

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New Horizon provides fast loans with the best interest rates possible. Easy loan with no credit checks – Can you believe it?

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You will get approval over the phone. just call and apply: The money is on it’s way.

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I was surprised to see how fast I got my money.

Got fast cash with auto title loans San Diego

Francis Haight, San Diego

I needed a loan in order to push my business forward. You can really count on these guys.

Great service at New Horizon Title Loans

Deborah Silveline, San Diego

Good service. Great rates.

Cash for Cars – No Credit Checks

Sometimes people get in over their heads with unpaid bills, debts, fees or emergency expenses and they don’t know where they can get a quick emergency loan to cover those costs. This is especially true for people with bad credit, because it can be difficult to convince a bank to approve a personal loan for them.

The good news is that anyone who owns a car can get car title loans in San Diego. Only by turning in your car title along with a short application form found online you can get quick cash today. One hour loans are easy to get even if you have bad credit. So don’t despair – we are here to help you today! Just Call (858) 201-4069 or apply online, and let the experts at auto title loans San Diego help you get the cash you need. We won’t bug you with questions about the purpose of the loan. We’ll only make sure you get the money as quickly as possible.

Anyone Can Apply for Car Title Loans in San Diego

Since there are no credit checks for car title loans San Diego, anyone with any credit history can apply and be approved instantly. No gimmicks and no red tape. And you apply for auto title loans in San Diego on the internet, so feel free to send in your paperwork anytime of the day or night.

Whenever it suits you, go to the online car title loan application form, fill it out and send it in! That’s all you need to do because we are experienced in handling the rest of the process. With your car title and car details, we can authorize a low interest loan of $2,501 up to $20,000 that will be available for you in just under 60 minutes. No worries about giving up your car – it stays with you at all times! So enjoy the best of two worlds.

What You Need to Know About Car Title Loans in San Diego

Car title loans are not the same type of loan that you would get from your neighborhood bank. Loans from your bank are unsecured and can be extremely expensive. Besides that, they are difficult to get – they make you jump through hoops even if you have a great credit record. But with car title loans, we take the risk out of them by using your car as security. Since we lower our risk with your vehicle, we can afford to be generous. Besides making them easy for you to get, we also offer you reduced rates. Don’t worry about your car, though. We’re not going to take that away from you. We know you need your car everyday to get to work and for errands, so we only use the title to your car as security. So with secured loans, everyone wins. You get to work with the fastest loan company to get money based on your own car. We’ll set up convenient monthly payments for you and at the end of the loan term, after you’ve made all the payments, your car title will be returned to you.

A Few Great Things About Auto Title Loans

There are many surprises in store for you when you apply for car title loans in San Diego. If you’ve never applied for this type of secured loan before, you will be pleasantly surprised at how smooth and easy it is. Once you let us know that you’re looking for money, we’ll do all the work for you. Send us your application and you can see how easy it is. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of when you send in your online application for car title loans:

  • Hassle-free loans with no red tape
  • No waiting for approval – approval is instant
  • All credit types accepted – no credit checks
  • Fast and friendly service from our experienced financial advisors
  • Submit your car title but keep your car
  • Emergency cash is prepared in one hour

Great Way to Fund Small Businesses

If you’re trying to start your own business, that’s really great. You can open up new doors of financial independence and opportunities. However, it can be tough to get the money you need to get going. And then once you’re set up and open for business, there are still rough spots along the way. You might need to pay for supplies before you get the profit from selling them. Or maybe you have bills to pay this week but your checks for deposit are only dated next week. What to do? Unfortunately, banks will not be favorable to giving a loan on good terms to small businesses. That’s why car title loans in San Diego are great for the self-employed. We are happy to work with small business owners and will process your request for a cash advance in one hour, with no credit checks.

School Tuition to Pay and School Supplies to Buy?

Students can find it rough getting through their studies without enough money. They sometimes take on part time jobs, but typically, those jobs cut into valuable study time. School tuitions can be very high and hard to pay. Car title loans are a great source of income to use for school payments. Secured by your car, they are reduced interest and the cash is immediate. After paying for school, use what is left to buy supplies with. With auto title loans, you will have the money you need so that you can concentrate on studying.

Make a Budget to Get Your Finances in Order

If you feel like your bills and daily expenses are getting the best of you, stop what you’re doing and make a budget. List all of your income in one column. List all of your fixed expenses in another column. Be sure to include insurance premiums, house payments and car payments. That should give you a picture of what you have left to spend on daily living, such as putting gas in the car and food on the table. Keep track of how much you spend each day and at the end of the month do the math. If you need money to catch up, a title loan can help you.

Saving Money by Paying Your Old Bills

Wow is it easy to get buried in bills. Even when you feel like you’re staying on top of your finances, then Wham! In comes a whole slew of bills in the mail. Don’t make the mistake of only paying the minimum payment to get by. That’s just going to put you behind in the long run. Sure, you might avoid getting extra late fines or penalties by paying the minimum payment, but it won’t help you in the long run. At the end of the day, you will be paying a lot of interest by taking months or years to pay for it. Whatever good deal you got when you used your charge card to pay for it won’t be such a good deal anymore. Apply now for a loan that will help you get caught up on those old bills. Whatever money you have left over – put it in your pocket to pay for your purchases with cash. You’ll save a bundle that way.

Apply Today for Cash in One Hour – Here’s How to Do It

Now that you know how you can use car title loans in San Diego to save money, let’s get started! Go online and open a car title loan application form. There are a few questions for you to fill out that tells us who you are. We need to confirm that you really are who you say you are so we don’t give the money to the wrong person! Then go on over to the area where there are questions about your car. Put in the details that we need so that we’ll know how much it’s worth. Double check your car title to be sure that there are no mistakes and that your name is written there as the owner. Once you have those ready, send them in to us. First thing we’ll do is get an evaluation on your car. Then we’ll approve you for a loan of somewhere between $2,501 and $20,000. There’s no set amount, we only need to match it up with your car’s value. We’ll go ahead and process your emergency loan and in one hour it will be ready for you.


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